El descargador gratuito de Instagram y el descargador de Instagram a mp4 pueden descargar fácilmente videos de YouTube en línea(snapinsta|igram io|fastdl|indown|sssinstagram)
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¿Cómo usar el descargador de videos IGram?

IGram video downloader es una aplicación web en línea para descargar videos Instagram a su computadora o teléfono móvil directamente. debe copiar la URL o el enlace Instagram y pegarlo en el cuadro de texto anterior. Nuestro descargador de videos Instagram extraerá el descargador de Instagram a mp4. Para descargar videos Instagram a MP4, simplemente siga las instrucciones que se detallan a continuación.

¿Cómo descargar videos Instagram rápidamente?

Instagram Video Downloader

Sugerencia: inserte "" antes del enlace para descargar videos de Instagram de una manera más rápida.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to download multiple photos or videos such like an Instagram Carousel post?

The easiest way is to follow these simple steps.

Go to Instagram and find a carousel post you want to be downloaded.

Open the carousel post.

Copy its URL then open the iGram webpage.

Paste the copied URL onto the indicated field on iGram.

Click the Download button.

There will be only a few seconds that you will find the Carousel post saved into your device.

How about the quality of the photos and videos I save from a Carousel?

The quality of a saved Carousel post remains exactly the same as it has been originally downloaded. Either if full HD or any other high resolution is being preserved when using the iGram downloader.

Would there be any troubles in case of downloading a carousel post on a PC or a Mobile?

No troubles or problems with the use of this image downloader as it is an online service, and it relies on a web browser. Feel free to use any of the device you like, which has a workable web browser and internet connection.